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Conmis Engineering is a local consulting and entrepreneurs’   firm derived from Synergy Software Solutions which was established in 2006 with the aim to develop, train and implement construction project management software.

Why Us?

Conmis Engineering is a well-organized firm with committed shareholders and staffs who have a great value of knowledge, skills and experiences that enable us to develop systems and apply technologies; it has a composition of about twelve high caliber senior personnel with……..

Our Services

Buildings and civil works

This service includes: Design and BoQ,Quality Control and Supervision, Contract Administration, Engineering and construction project management Services, Soil Test and Geotechnical Services.

Construction Company Software

We develop software that assists construction companies in resources management, project management, design etc. In line with this we have developed packaged construction project management software named as ConMIS™ that is in use by hundreds of stakeholders in the local construction industry.

On Job Trainings (Professionals)

Being our active engagement in the construction sector, we understand the level of excellence that is required to meet construction company goals. We know, too, how to equip our trainees for their job and deliver the required knowledge and skills they aspire. To this end we have trained thousands of professionals in private, NGO, and Government sectors.

Talents Employment (Construction Professionals)

Conmis Engineering has delivered professional trainings to thousands of construction professionals, private, Ngo and Government employees.

The firm has established and maintained a strong relationship with these entities till date.