Construction Company Software

We develop software that assists construction companies in resources management, project management, design etc. In line with this we have developed packaged construction project management software named as ConMIS™ that is in use by hundreds of stakeholders in the local construction industry.

The development of this application was started with two colleagues graduated in civil engineering and software engineering. At the beginning its scope was very limited to a single purpose. But now the application has got many developers, users and become multi-purpose and versatile. Still the development is on continuing by involving our international partners.

ConMIS™ is a database application  useful for: creating a database of construction work items, resources list with prices and rates, and output norms for construction crews; cost estimation and bid processing; planning of materials quantity, man-hours, equipment-hours, related budgetary costs and tasks duration; quantity surveying (takeoff sheet /backup sheet) up to payment certificate preparation and financial progress of a project; resource usage, crew productivity and cost controlling; stock balance controlling; events and issues management.



With the related experience we have gained over the years — we develop, customize and commission other software applications.

Our clients also request us an advice to review and recommend any commercial software applications before they commit purchasing. For this we produce criteria of selection and assigning weights to each criterion and then mark the features in the applications under selection. After summarizing the results, the application that wins both technically and financially will be selected.

Believing that on the coming time, management and technical tasks will be performed using ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and BIM (Building Information Modeling) respectively; our IT team is exerting its effort on researching of these giant systems. And we expect that our firm and clients will gain the maximum benefit out of this effort.

The local industry is by far low to engage such applications; but dreaming the future, we organized and staffed the development team very well.  The team consists of from junior to highly experienced software developers that get assistance in cloud from our three senior software developers of ConMIS software that reside at North America, Seattle, Microsoft and our Indian partners,