Contract Administration

Parallel to quality inspection and supervision,  our major duty is administering the contract between the contractor and the project client. Our administration of the contract is fair, logic oriented and only on the basis of the contract signed by the two parties.  Since we are part of the contract activities too, we make our deliverables on time. Some of these activities that need our timely response are: approval of payments, material certifications, claim requests, quality certifications, approval of schedules, revised drawing approval, running meetings, response to correspondence letters, etc.

Our administration of the contract is reference supported and time traceable. The contractors, clients and we use our web site to store and exchange documents and drawings; give notices, recording issues and events, forwarding communications, etc for simple projects.  For complex project all submittals by the contractor and the client will be tracked using Primavera Contract Manager Software. And, takeoff sheets and payment certificates will be prepared using ConMIS™ software.

The details about these services can be referred from our Design, Supervision and Contract Administration Quality Manual.