Core Business Principles

Vision :

To be a leading company in building and civil work services supplier at Home and in Africa. And, see a modernized local construction industry.


Optimizing resources utilization and maximizing the benefits of our customers and the society by tuning the company and its resources with the state-of-art, technology, and business and engineering ethics.


  • Satisfying our customers and exceeding their expectations.
  • Contributing innovating and creative ways of doing to the local construction industry.
  • Creating job opportunities to job-seekers in the industry.
  •  Increase our market share and annual turnover by 30% every year.
  • Optimizing resource utilization and maximizing the benefits of our customers and the society.
  • Win local and international reputation and awards, and be amongst the firms in the engineering, architectural, construction information technology consultancy and Excellency center in the construction industry.


  • Tuning the company and its resources with the state-of-art ,  technology and ethics
  • Implementing and guiding with quality management systems.
  • Endorsing all the benefits of information communication technology in the company.
  • Strive to establish good communication with local and international consulting and construction firms to build working relations, exchange experiences and to collaborate on projects.
  • Lead by the principles and practices of Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM).
  • Proactive to search, adopt, use, and recommend new construction technologies.


  • The company and its management believe that it is possible to create a wealth through appropriate usage of time, knowledge and skill.
  • Established with shareholders having a good behavioral qualities of entrepreneurship. And, keen enough also to provide social services other than their major duties.
  • The shareholders are well experienced in managing high valued construction projects with different ranges and types.
  • The company has developed a construction project management system that enables it, and its stakeholders to manage projects effectively and efficiently.
  • The company has developed local construction knowledge and skill areas and trainings that make to create conducive and understandable working environment among the stakeholders.
  • Company shareholders and its staffs have worked on innovative ideas towards promoting efficient and economical designs, quality control, contract administration and construction management solutions.