Engineering & construction project management Services

Our role in this service is to assist engineering and construction management teams on their functional activities they perform to manage a construction projects. To achieve project goals these teams will plan, direct, organize, monitor and control all construction activities and resources. Here we produce planning and monitoring reports that assist the team in facilitating the above activities.

With this service construction companies, consultants, project clients, real estate developers, banks, revenue authorities etc., can be benefited by outsourcing the process of works that interest them.

The services may require a short or long time based on the scope of the work. The lists of these services grouped in the two major phases are: Pre-construction and construction phases.

Pre- construction phase:

  1. Establishing a database of planning data and standards.
  2. Preparing and revision of a construction project specification and Bill of quantity.
  3. Reviewing design alternatives and corresponding estimation.
  4. Tenders and contracts document preparation and selecting contractors.
  5. Proposing a profitable and effective crew, and preparing and revision of unit rates and project cost estimation and bid proposals.
  6. Preparing a master schedule which consists of work schedule, material schedule, labor schedule, equipment schedule and financial schedule.

Construction phase:

  1. Revising allowable estimation and mark-ups.    
  2. Tracking of work schedule, material schedule, labor schedule, equipment and financial schedule.
  3. Revision and correction of schedules.
  4. Payment application and takeoff sheet preparation.
  5. Provision of claim and contract administration services.
  6. Documentation and design of communication system and organization quality manuals.
  7. Fully undertaking the management of the construction projects.

We use either Ms-project or Primavera software for scheduling, tracking, revising a schedule, claim analysis, documentation etc. And ConMIS software is used to prepare quantities, takeoff sheet, payment certificate, unit rate and cost estimation, resources budget requirement etc. The details about this service can be referred from our proposal to Engineering and Construction Management Services.

What do our customers benefit from this service?

With this our customers benefit since Commis Engineering has: professionals which are highly experienced in project cost estimation, scheduling, controlling, monitoring and contract administration; a very large data base of international and local practices ,norms and standards related to the services; extensive  experience in system design and software development and using of software applications for time cutting.