Talents Employment

Conmis Engineering has delivered professional trainings to thousands of construction professionals, private, Ngo and Government employees.

The firm has established and maintained a strong relationship with these entities till date. The information of these professionals are kept with our database which helps us to identify their qualification, training courses taken, acquired level of competency, etc.

We believe that these professionals have capacitated themselves to the post that they have been assigned. Even the remaining gaps of their skills and knowledge can be intervened in consultation with these personnel.

By considering our relationship and acquaintance with these professionals, we started to connect the right employees and employers. We recruit candidates based on their practical skills and knowledge.

The delivery of this service will create a conducive environment to get the right skilled employees and employers rather than running the old ways of advertisement and non-professional employment agencies.


Job-seekers can apply using our web site by filling their general information; selecting their favorite post; attaching their CV; so that we can select and forward the information to the employer.