Talents Employment

Missions of companies are mainly achieved through human resources. Especially, talented human resources have significant roles in project and business set-ups, planning and controlling processes. If these resources are competent, a company can achieve its mission even with a highly challenging and competitive environment.

Unable to justify frequent occurrences of three folds increment in construction projects cost and time; a reluctance to keep construction qualities; pile up of issues and thresholds; unidentified reasons for structural failure of buildings and infrastructures; a loose interest to plan, monitor and control projects scientifically; liquidation of many local construction companies  are some of the flaws that are mostly common in the Ethiopian Construction Industry. 

Now a days it is become common to maximize the contribution of the talent employees to the company achievements through the principles and practices of Strategic Human Resources Management. Among the major functions in this management philosophy to be adopted are: talents recruiting and development. 

However, recruiting and developing talents through scientific approach is uncommon in our Construction Industry. But, Developing Construction-Talents is the primary and sustainable approach to raises our Industry and sustain in the business. Hereby, after a long preparation we started these services which will add values in your businesses and the Industry in general. Short briefs on each of these services are presented below.

Background on Construction-Talents Recruitment Solutions (Construction Industry Focused) 

Through the last two decades, our Company has worked largely on Innovative Construction Systems Development and Implementation, Construction Management Consultancies and On-Job-Training deliveries (especially on Project Management.) During this period, we were measuring the impacts of our services in our clients and on their employees. Accordingly, we found that these measured outputs and achievements were unsatisfactory. Mainly, due to the problems significantly contributed from-the Human Element.  

Most of the employers do not give enough attention and time to recruit the right personnel for the job. Thus, the expected achievements from the employees are by far less and consequently, companies’ performances to their targets are very low. This also hindered us to grow in our innovative business services.

Even though, in most local construction companies the recruitment basis, friend and blood relationships (which may be the causes of most construction company failures). However, it needs highly intervention, especially for the posts which require talent employees (it does not mean other posts do not require intervention.)

Therefore, in order to assist our customers and maximize our benefits from our innovative services we reached a decision to include —- Construction-Talents Recruitment Solutions as one of the compulsory services to be delivered by our Company even though we are late. Here, carrying out this assignment effectively is our social responsive than a business profit. Off course, we are definite we will add values to the Construction Industry.

We know that this service is currently delivered by non-professional employment agencies which have not know-how knowledge of the Construction Industry. But, our Construction-Talents Recruitment Solution is guided by the disciplines and principles of a Strategic Human Resource Management approach tailored to the Construction Industry. We also apply the state-of-art technologies in the field in order to maximize our performance.

This Service is designed to reach out a wide range of target employers, such as: consultants, contractors, real estate developers, clients and regulatory bodies which are working on buildings, roads, water, etc. sectors. The candidate job-seekers are talent professionals who may be employed in the afore-mentioned employers to handle the design and construction of buildings and civil works; which the jobs are listed in the under sections.  

What do our customers (employers and Job-seekers) benefits from our Construction-Talents Recruitment Solutions?

More than our current existence as a Construction Management Consultant, active participation on delivery of On-Job-Trainings and our in-depth understanding of human resource issues in the Construction Industry, our customers would materialize the following benefits:

  1. Employers will get an employee with right skill, knowledge and experience that fits for the job who would have a remarkable contribution to the company growth.
  2. Employees will be in a comfortable working environment that enables them to maximize their job deliverances and benefits because of the platforms that we will create in collaboration with the employers.
  3. Both Employers and employees will focus on their date-to-date operational activities than to be absorbed in routine activities of recruitment processes and job searching.
  4. The Employers will save cost and time required for a recruitment.
  5. We will shrink the employee placement time since our recruitment processes are supported with technology.
  6. We will work in collaboration with both the employers and employees to solve issues and claims that will arise among the parties.
  7. We will give a guarantee to the employer to replace the employee in short time if he resigned.  
  8. The Employers and Employees can easily link with us for our Construction-Talents Recruitment Solutions through (conmisengineering.com/jobs).

Our Recruitment Management Approaches and Methods  

For successful recruitment solutions—we, the job-seekers and the employer need to pass through designed scientific procedures set to achieve a recruitment management functions. To facilitate this tri-parties assignment we have prepared a web-site (www.conmisengineering.com) that works integrated with an Application Tracking System (ATS). This integrated system handles all the recruitment management functions from the application to contract close out/termination dates of the employee.

Our sourcing for candidate employees may be: from our trainees, referrals by existing employees, or personnel of our contacts during delivery of our consultancy services, professional associations, or from social media/LinkedIn even by outreaching the passive candidates.  

The recruitment process will be started when both the job-seekers and employers are registered through our web-site. Job-seekers are required to fill their profile information and attach their resume; then can apply for a job which is active on the Digital Job Board of our web site (https://www.conmisengineering.com/js-jobs-jobseeker-controlpanel/). If the job they want to apply is not active on the Job Board they are expected to wait until the job will be posted or contacted by our team. Similarly, employers are also required to fill their profile information, the job post they need to fill, job descriptions, proposed salary range, employee placement date, etc. through (https://www.conmisengineering.com/js-jobs-employer-controlpanel/). For simplification, Job descriptions and other data entry activities of the employers can be managed by our teams.

Then after, resumes screening activities will be handled by our team. First, resumes which fit with the job requirement will be selected. The selection indicators are overarching themes, high performance and red-flag indicators.  Then, the validity of the selected resume documents will be verified from the issuance agents. Finally, a list of selected applicants will be prepared in their order of score.

The selected candidate employees will be contacted for a two stage interviews. The first stage interview will be handled using mobile audio or video calls. On this interview background information, expectations, company knowledge, collaboration skills and company cultural fitness of the candidate will be checked.   Then, the candidate employees who pass this interview will be communicated for face-to-face interview. On this interview decision making capability, functional and technical competency (even by delivering assignments and arranging presentations), communication skill, meet for educational requirements, cultural fitness, degree of initiative, problem solving capacity, readiness for teamwork, enthuasizm, etc. will be assessed. Our face-to-face interview team consists of at least technical personnel specializes on the job post, a lawyer, a human resource coordinator and a minute-writer. This interview will be also recorded in video. And finally, a certificate/report of competency will be produced.

Each personnel who were on the interview would get responses either as for not fitness, or still under consideration, or return for additional interviews or job offer status within a reasonable time.

Then after, candidates list who ranked up to 3 will be transferred to our client for selection and negotiation. After placement of the selected employee we will track and produce a report on the performance and the gaps of the employee together with the employer. And then, a revised certificate/report of competency will be produced annually.

Job Posts which will be filled by Us:

The job posts which will be filled by us are the ones which needs a significant input of the talents, these, are but not limited to:

  1. Program Mangers
  2. Project Managers
  3. Construction Engineers
  4. Project Engineers
  5. Resident Engineers
  6. Material Engineers
  7. Office Engineers
  8. Contract Administrators
  9. Claim Engineers
  10. Site Engineers
  11. Site inspectors
  12. Architects
  13. Structural engineers
  14. Sanitary Engineers
  15. Electrical Engineers


  • 10% of annual employee salary (which would be covered by both employee and employer)
  • Capacity building fee for a gap identified early (which would be covered by both employee and employer if it is up to 3 months of contract signing)