On Job Trainings

Being our active engagement in the construction sector, we understand the level of excellence that is required to meet construction companies and enterprises goals. We know, too, how to equip our trainees for their job by delivering the required knowledge and skills they aspire. To this end we have trained thousands of construction professionals and managers in private, NGO, and Government sectors while they were active on their jobs; thus, carrying this assignment helps us to know in detail about the On-Job-Training which is a lifelong assignment and undertaking of professionals and talents that enhances their professional career.

In spite of our effort and others, currently most of the activities and jobs that require talents engagement are not supported with the required skills, knowledge, and technology; in failing to do so, our Construction Industry is under confrontation with failures in the project objectives at large.

Unidentified reasons for the failure of buildings and infrastructures; unable to justify for the three folds increment in projects cost and time; pile up of issues and thresholds; a loose interest to plan, monitor and control projects scientifically, are some of the flaws that are common in the industry.

Thus, in order to intervene these significant problems, we have redefined our existing On-Job-Training service (which was focus only on project management) by designing the following ten packages, which are: Project management and Digital systems; Construction Site Operations and Quality Control Management; Procurement and Contract management and Systems; Construction Organizations Management and Systems; Organizational Skills and Behavioral  Developments; Construction Corporate Management; Construction Industry Governance; Design Management of Civil works and Buildings; Buildings and Structures Design and Systems; and, Roads and High ways Design and Systems. Here, the package lists and sub-courses can be referred in the under table below after few pages.

These On- Job-Training topics are targeted to assist the efforts of our customers in installing systems and building of collaborative teams in their companies. Thus, each training topics are designed with packages by organizing required sub-courses under it. The packages also include the appropriate software applications that helps to implement the principles and practices digitally which are delivered on the training. Guidelines and checklists which are parts of a system installation can also be developed under a joint effort of our customers and us. The details about these course contents descriptions, course objectives, target groups, and hours of delivery for these training topics can be referred from the under table, after few paragraphs.

Our designed training topic contents can be customized based on the gaps and the requirements of our trainees and customers. The customization could consider the role and job engagements of the trainees which may be either on the client, contractor or consultant side. Or, sometimes the content could be customized for a joint training which may be held by clients, contractors and consultants together. Or, other than these scenarios. For a successful customization the representatives of our customers should be actively involved in the customization processes. 

Conmis Engineering Center of Excellence has an extensive experience in supporting client needs during On-Job training, we do so by:  assigning experienced and qualified professional trainers; availability on off-site places from our training center with clients interest; reasonable pricing that considers training objectives and achievements ; evaluation of the trainees’ performance; free coaching and technical support even after completion of the training class; distributing quality training documents, audio-video tutors, etc.; moreover , in order to facilitate these activities we have also a plan to launch e-learnings and supports in the near feature.

Our On-Job-Training topics are delivered by competent practicing professionals and scholars in the industry. We always try to look for, invite and engage with trainers who are always ready and keen to share their knowledge, skills and experiences; and, who have a great concern for societal development.

Moreover, due to our current involvement as a Construction Management Consultant in the Ethiopian Construction Industry, our customers will be benefited, by accessing: First, the in-detail experiences of our professionals who are highly specialized in design developments and construction project management activities—who will deliver the training with Case Studies of real projects ; Second, construction productivity norms and claim cases which are archived by us over the years; Third, our advices on construction software implementation; and, many mores.   

We will complete and conclude our training service by preparing a training performance report that contains names and attendance of trainees; score and their level of attainment during the training; views and comments of the trainees about the training scope, contents, coverage, training document qualities, effectiveness of the trainer, etc.; in addition, the level of the trainees’ commitment to apply the new acquired skills and knowledge, and the remaining gaps observed which need further developments  together with the trainer recommendation and conclusion are among the few which will be included in the training performance report.

After class end, our training services will be transformed to coaching that may goes up to six months. The coaching will help the trainees to solve their problems when they are trying to apply and practice the new knowledge and skills which they have acquired. With this approach trainees will clear their confusions, build confidences and apply any systems in their company.

Finally, here are our messages about registrations: First, in order to ease the registration process, we have included an on-line application facility which we prefer that applicants are to be registered through this method. Second, we highly advise standalone(individual) trainees to apply using our web site link (https://www.conmisengineering.com/lp-courses/) by filling their general information; selecting the courses; date they are interested to start; time they are comfortable so that we can arrange a batch to train ( we will start the training when ten (10) trainees are registered under the course); here, a trainee who form this group by himself will be free from his expected training fee. Third, a one-to-one training can be arranged with negotiated price, training delivery dates and times. Fourth, for trainees from companies, all the details shall be handled by between their representative and us. Fifth, we advise corporate companies to deliver the first training on Organizational Skills and Behavioral Developments before the others. Sixth, trainers who are interested to work with us can apply using our web site link (https://www.conmisengineering.com/apply-as-a-trainer/

), through phone call or e-mail message. Finally, we encourage you to refer this link: (https://www.conmisengineering.com/on-job-trainings/), in order to develop a common understanding about On-Job-Training between us.

2.0   Training Packages and sub-courses

(see the under table below)

Table :  Courses offered by Conmis Engineering ( grouped with 10 packages.)

Package Code Description Contents in brief Objectives For Whom? HRS Course Code Description
10 Project Management and Digital Systems Project Management Concepts and practices Review; and, applying a project management system using Primavera Scheduler/ Ms-Project and ConMIS. Developing a Culture of  construction projects planning and controlling with scientific approach. Program Managers, Project Coordinators, Project Managers, Construction Planning engineers, office engineers, contract engineers and claim engineers,etc. 24 10_01 Project Planning,Scheduling , Tracking and Controlling
21 10_02 Ms- Project 
24 10_03 Primavera
18 10_04 ConMIS
20 Construction Site Operations and Quality Control Management On-site resources management; Choosing the right methodology and technology to construct; Quality control and methods of measurement; Labor laws and industrial-relations; Occupational health and safety management. Managing Construction sites data, information and communications Minimizing Construction Sites Wastes construction  engineers, project engineers,site engineers, supervisors, ,etc. 24    
30  Procurement and Contracting( for Consultancy Service and Construction Works) Determining the consultant/Contractor type and category for the service or work; determine pricing types and systems of selection; preparing TOR for a consultancy service/Construction Works; selecting and customizing Standard Conditions of Contracts; selecting type of contract pricing and bidding systems; Preparing Bid Documents, Publication, Receipt and Opening of Bid; Evaluation of Bids and Award of a contract; registration and enlistment suppliers.  To achieve the right balance between cost and requirement Contract Administrators, Contract Engineers, Project Managers, project coordinators 24 30-01 Contract Laws
24 30-02 Procurement and Contracting for a Consultancy Service
24 30-03 Procurement and Contracting for a Consultancy Service
40 Contract Administration and Management Systems( for Consultancy Services and Construction Works) Contract Management; Contract administration; Claim management; Primavera Contract Manager  Creating a harmony  with the contract and claim for right. Contract Administrators, Contract Engineers, Project Managers, project coordinators 16 40-01 Contract Administration for Consultancy Services
24 40-02 Contract Administration for Construction Works
24 40-03 Primavera Contract Manager
24 40-04 Claims Management
50 Construction Organization Logistics Management Logistics Management (Material, machines and human)Financial Management; ERP systems.Construction Auditing; Fair and rightResource allocation,delivery, follow up and auditing Leaders and their fellows on the respective departments of the company. 16 50-01 Materials Logistics Management
16 50-02 Manpower Logistics Management 
16 50-03 Machine and Equipments Logistics Management
16 50-04 Financial Logistics Management 
16 50-05 Concepts on ERP Systems 
16 50-06 Construction Resources Auditing
60  Organizational Skills and Behavioral  Developments  Construction businesses and Projects Management ;  Effective Decision Making;  Strategic Change management;  Data, information and meanings;Strategic approaches for systems implimentation; Leadership and Strategic human resource management (SHRM);Total Quality Management Systems (QMS); Effective Communication Skills;  ICT; On-Job training; Business and professional code of practices. Mind matching of company leaders to organizational objectives. Middle managers,Project managers,Department Heads,G/Managers,etc. 60    
70 Construction Corporate Management and Construction Industry Governance Construction Business planning, Managerial Accounting, Organizational Development;Tax laws; Business and commercial Laws; Investment Laws; Code of business conducts,practices and norms;Construction Industry Policies and regulations  planning and Controlling of company policies and targets with understanding of the external environment; Knowledge based Governing of the Industry and stakeholders in it. Government officials;Business consultants,General Managers,Auditors, board members and Board directors 24 70-01 Setting Company Policies and Targets 
24 70-02 Government Laws that rules a Construction Company and Industry
80 A 80 – A. Design Management of Civil works and Buildings Design processes and phases; design Codes ; team building for design development;design schedule and coordination; BIM;producing drawings; preparing specfications; preparing BOQ and engineering estimation. Producing economical and safe designs and getting a permit in time; managing changes . Design coordinators, Architects, design permit authorizers, etc.  8 80-01 Technical Feasiblity Assessment 
8 80-02 Design and Drawing Development, and Permit management
8 80-03 Specification and Engineering Estimation development 
8 80-04 Design , Drawing and Specification Change Management
16 80-05 Concepts on BIM
80 B 80-B.  Building and Infrastructures Asset Management       24 80-06 Building and Infastructures Asset Valuation and Management
16 80-07 Basic Level GIS software 
90 Building Design and Systems using Auto Desk Rivet ( through BIM Processes) Concept Review of Building and Structural designs and then applying Rivet Systems Producing economical and safe designs in time through Enhancement of existing knowledge and skill for the  design of building and civil structures Architects and Engineers  24 90-01 Rivet Architecture 
24 90-02 Rivet Structure 
24 90-03 Rivet MEP
100  Road and Highway design and Systems Using Civil 3D Concept Review of Highway and Road designs using Civil 3D. Producing economical and safe designs in time through Enhancement of existing knowledge and skill for the  design of building and civil structures Design Civil Engineers 40 100-01 Civil 3D