On Job Trainings

Being our active engagement in the construction sector, we understand the level of excellence that is required to meet construction company goals. We know, too, how to equip our trainees for their job and deliver the required knowledge and skills they aspire. To this end we have trained thousands of professionals in private, NGO, and Government sectors.

In spite of our effort and others, currently most of the works are not supported with the required skills, knowledge, and technology; in failing to do so, the industry is on confrontation with low productivity, cost and resource loses.

Unidentified reasons for the failure of buildings and infrastructures; unable to justify for the three folds increment in projects cost and time; pile up of issues and thresholds; a loose interest to plan, monitor and control projects scientifically, are some of the flaws that are common in the industry.

After we study the gap and make analysis, we have designed the following ten packages of training : project management and digital systems, construction sites operations management; contract and procurement management and systems, construction organizations management and systems, executive’s planning and monitoring guidance, statutory and regulatory requirement in the construction; building design, management and applications; civil works design, management and applications; and construction company’s shared skills and knowledge among the team.

The above lists are made with packages but a lot of sub courses are organized under each package. Each package contains the appropriate software applications that helps implement the principles and practices of the respective package digitally. Details about target groups, course contents, and hours can be referred from our Quality Training and Coaching Manual.

Conmis Engineering Center of Excellence has an extensive experience in supporting client needs during on job training, and we do so with several key points to our training services, such as:  assigning experienced and qualified professional instructors; distributing quality training documents, audio-video tutors, etc.; on- and off-site from our training center with clients interest; reasonable pricing that effects the “ learn and return policy ”; coaching and technical support after class; moreover, we have also a plan to launch e- learning and support in the near feature.

Trainees can apply using our web site by filling their general information; selecting the courses; date they are interested to start; hours they are comfortable; so that we can arrange a batch to train. To start training a batch should have a minimum of ten trainees in it.

Our training services include coaching that may goes up to six months. The coaching will help the trainees to get a support of their problem when they are trying to apply and practice the new knowledge and skills they acquire. With this approach trainees will clear their confusions, build confidences and any system can be implemented in the company.

Finally, when we complete our services we prepare a report that contains names and attendance of trainees, score and their level during the training, view and comments of the trainees about the training scope coverage, training document qualities, effectiveness of the trainer, etc.; in addition, the level of commitment of the trainees to apply the new acquired skills and knowledge, and the remaining to be developed and finally the trainer recommendation and conclusion will be included.

What do our customers benefit from our training service?

With this our customers benefit since Commis Engineering has : professionals which are highly experienced in design development, project cost estimation, scheduling, controlling, monitoring and contract administration; a very large data base of international and local practices, norms and standards related to the construction industry; extensive  experience in system design and software development and using of software applications for time cutting; Moreover , our firm is working on huge project of the country so that our training is supported with practical applications.

Our trainings are organized with the following ten major categories:

10. Project Management and Systems ; 20. Construction Site Operations Management; 30. Contract Management and Systems; 40. Construction Organization Management ; 50. Organizational Shared Knowledge and Skills  ; 60. Construction Corporate Management ; 70. Construction Industry Governance; 80. Design Management of Civil works and Buildings. 90.  Building Design and Systems; 100. Road and Highway Design and Systems.

The details of respective contents , objectives of the course , target groups and  training hours are summarized with the under table.

Table :  Courses offered by Conmis Engineering ( grouped with 10 packages.)


Package Code

Description Contents Objectives For Whom? HRS
10 Project Management and Digital Systems Project Management Concepts Review: Integrated project management system with Primavera Scheduler, Ms-Project and ConMIS.



Developing a Culture of  planning and monitoring Program Managers, coordinators, Project Managers, Planners and monitoring engineers, office engineers, contract engineers and claim engineers.  






Construction Site Operations Management On-site resources management; Choosing the right methodology and technology to construct; Quality control and methods of measurement; Labor laws and industrial-relations; Occupational health and safety management.Managing Construction sites data, information and communications Minimizing Construction Sites Wastes Site engineers, supervisors, construction  engineers, project engineers,  





30 Contract Management and Systems Contract Management; Contract administration; Claim management; Primavera Contract Manager Formulating Contracts, harmonious living with the contract and claim for right. Contract Administrators, Contract Engineers, Project Managers, project coordinators  



40 Construction Organization Management Logistics Management (Material, machines and human)

Financial Management; Construction Auditing;

ERP systems.


Fair and right

Resource allocation,delivery, follow up and auditing

Leaders and their fellows on the respective departments of the company.  




50  Organizational  Shared Knowledge and Skills  §  Causes of construction business failure;  Effective Decision Making;  Strategic Change management;  Leadership and Strategic human resource management (SHRM);Total Quality Management Systems (QMS); Effective Communication Skills;  ICT; Business and professional code of practice Mind matching of company leaders to organizational objectives. Middle managers,

Project managers,

Department Heads,








Construction Corporate Management




Construction Business planning, Managerial Accounting, Organizational Development.

Tax laws; Business and commercial Laws; Investment Laws; Code of practices and norms.


planning and Controlling of company policies.

General Managers, Board directors  



Construction Industry Governance



Government officials   40
80 Design Management of Civil works and Buildings Code of practices; design coordination; ethics; deliverable schedule. Producing economical and safe designs in time. Design Architects’ and Engineers’ 30
90 Building Design and Systems Concept Review of Building and Structural designs using Rivet Systems Enhamcing existing knowledge and skill in designing building and civil structures Design Architects’ and Engineers’ 40
100  Road and Highway design and Ssytems Concept Review of Highway and Road designs using Civil 3D. Enhancing existing knowledge and skills in designing roads and highways. Design Civil Engineers 40