Quality Control and Supervision

And then, after the design and preparation phase have been completed we will inspect and supervise the buildings and civil works if we get the delegations to take over these assignments.


For a construction projects it is a mandatory step to inspect and give a certification for the quality of materials, workmanships, finished works and work methodologies. To accomplish these tasks we will always do the following activities:


  • Material for use will be sampled, tested and certified before purchasing.
  • An In-situ or field tests will be performed during construction.
  • Random sample of different materials from the stock will be send for testing any time during construction.
  • Skilled labor qualifications and experiences will be evaluated and certified before employment.
  • The contractor work methodology and approach will be evaluated, commented, recommended and approved before use.
  • Furnished work items after completion and before covering will be checked and certified for the next level.
  • A request will be made to the contractor to prepare a quality inspection plan and schedule.
  • Quality control sheets and forms will be prepared, filled, signed and filed properly during the course of the work.
  • Inspect the compliance of workers safety, health occupations, and environmental issues regulations and the contract.


To achieve quality objectives we orient and train the principles and practices of quality and supervision processes and procedures to the assigned team for this task; even this deliverance will goes up to the personnel of contractors and project clients that includes: project manager,  construction engineers, site engineers, laboratory technicians, resident engineers, inspectors etc.