Soil Test and Geo-technical Services

Now it is becoming common to hear that soil tests are made and reported on office tables; what a morale?!

Nothing is more than this ̶̶ for a foundation of a building and infrastructure that rests “Peacefully” on the ground.

To be part of the solution we have started soil and geo-technical services for buildings, roads, sewerage and other civil works.

Site and laboratory tests are processed using our labors, borehole drilling, SPT and laboratory equipments.

Our soil and subsurface investigations aim at: 

  • To find out the types and depth of sub surface layers.
  • Identifying the level of ground water table.
    •    Determining engineering properties of soils and rocks.
  • Determining bearing capacity of foundation.
  • Recommending foundation types.
  • Recommendation for construction materials.

Our Geotechnical services extends to the design of foundations, slope stability analysis, retaining wall design, soil stabilization recommendations, etc. for buildings, roads, bridges and other civil works.